7 ways you may be exposing your insecurities

Everyone is insecure on something or the other. The biggest insecurity is whether they will effectively bridge the delta between how you portray “who you are” to the world and “who you really are.”

There are many ways you might clothe your insecurities. Here are a few of them:

1. You intimidate others: Intimidation will temporarily shift the focus to the insecurities of the other party.

2. You put down other people: That way you think others will be busy trying to defend themselves rather than looking at your insecurities.

3. You quote other authoritative figures to draw parallels: If you are following the path of other intelligent people, criticism about you would mean criticism about these other smart people. You technically have an upper hand.

4. You frequently bring up your other accomplishments: Your thinking is that others should be awed by your accomplishments and will give you a free pass on the current decisions.

5. You cite external circumstances for narrowing down choices: You make others think that you are operating under impossible conditions, hence they should not judge you if in case something goes wrong.

6. You manufacture a crisis: Since everyone’s focus is now on the crisis, you can slowly slip in your decisions without a lot of people scrutinizing them.

7. You demonstrate over-confidence: In your mind you are demonstrating confidence but making up for insecurity will come across as over-confidence to others.

I picked seven ways above. If you have more to add, kindly add them in the comments section.

Have a great week ahead.

Photo Courtesy: insecurity is a fight club on flickr