History in the Making

Just imagine you get to work on a project of your lifetime. You know that this is history in the making and if you do well, it would give immense satisfaction. You know that it would be lot of hard work. Burning the midnight oil would be default on a few days. There would be sacrifices for sure and a price has to be paid. But you don’t mind paying that price as you know that the stakes are high enough in this game.

Support Eco-System:

People who love you are there to support you and deep in their heart they want you to do very well. After all, why would they not want you to make the most of this opportunity. There are many well-wishers who are willing to give you a helping hand in your quest to succeed. You have teachers, coaches, mentors, co-workers, friends and relatives all coming together as a big ecosystem of support. Some are just waiting for you to ask them for help. They are ready.

Reflection Time

Reflect on this opportunity for a few moments…

  • How would you prepare for such an opportunity?
  • How grateful to you to this Universe (or God, depending on your beliefs) for this opportunity?
  • How much of commitment will you bring to bear to make this a successful project?
  • What lengths would you go to make things happen?

Your Opportunity

You don’t have to look far for an opportunity which is going to be a history in the making. It’s right in front of you. YOU are that opportunity and whether you are conscious or not, your history is in the making EVERY single day that you are on this earth.

As you can see, it is an opportunity of a lifetime and NOBODY else other than you can make the most out of this opportunity.

You will also notice that the stakes are high for YOU on this project.

You have the support eco-system waiting for you to succeed.

The Real Question

The real question is simple –

You have an opportunity of the lifetime right in front of you. It’s going to be your history in the making. Will you seize it with everything you have got TODAY? 

Only you can answer that question.

Request for you: You may already be seizing this opportunity with both hands giving your 110%. But, you may know someone that might benefit from this. Consider sharing this with them.

Photo Courtesy: Adnams on Flickr