To Think Lists

You and I both have “to do lists.” Some of you may be using a sophisticated system and some of you may just be listing your to do items in a piece of paper. And, probably small percentage of you may simply maintain the to do list in your mind. Knowing that you are smart,… Continue reading

Meet with Me

Yes, I would love to get a chance to meet with everyone of you someday. But that is not the point of this article. Everyone of us needs time with ourselves regularly – sort of “Meet with Me” time. The need is higher at this day and age. Living in an “always connected” world has… Continue reading

Boundary Conditions

While Sumukh was looking for some school supplies, I was browsing through the aisles of OfficeMax and ended up at the CLEARANCE section. As you can imagine, I was expecting rock bottom prices on the Clearance items. One of the clearance items caught my attention for a totally different reason. Here is the ticket for… Continue reading

The 110% Question

Giving your 110% to something or the proverbial “walking the extra mile” is generally good. There is one dilemma that comes with it. If you don’t notice it, you may end up putting your energy in the wrong place. The Wrong Question The dilemma or the catch is in situations where you have to stretch… Continue reading