Some restrictions apply*

A friend on social media posted a photo on Facebook called Why complicate life? It has an uplifting message and knowing my friend, he had noble intentions for posting the same.

I have posted the photo here again below:

Before you scroll down and read what I have written below think about what has been written on the photo.



*** This space is left blank intentionally ***


*** This space is left blank intentionally ***



At the outset this looks like a simple advice for un-complicating life. Think about it again and you will see that this advice is not simple but simplistic.

First, let us look at the definitions of simple and simplistic.

Simple is “easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty

Simplistic is “the tendency to oversimplify an issue or a problem by ignoring complexities or complications.”

Let us take one of the items in the above list:

Want something? Ask for it.

If this was simple, implementing the above advice should present no difficulty. This means that when you want something, you should be able to just ask for it and you should get it and the want needs to be fulfilled. It can happen in movies and soap operas and not in real life. Or, the ask has to be within your circle of love – such as a request to your Dad or Mom or to your favorite aunt.

In real life, some restrictions apply and there are terms and conditions before your wish is fulfilled. For one, you need to earn what you are about to ask. In case you ask prematurely, you lose twice – first, because your wish is not fulfilled and second, because you will leave an impression with the person you asked that you “want this all easy without doing the work.”

This kind of advice is simplistic at best and God save the people who take such advice literally.

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