Looking for Proof…

You might remember this very well. Someone that you respect shared with you a piece of wisdom. You nodded your head in agreement. You probably gave them a feeling that you will do something with that insight.

Days, weeks and months pass by and you didn’t do anything with that insight.

One reason may be because you never believed in what was shared. You didn’t have the courage to disagree – so you gave an impression that you agreed but in reality, all you did was look for proof. When you didn’t find it quickly, you gave up on it and slowly got busy and moved on.

You and I both know that there is no way we are competent enough to know everything to make a good decision – even if it meant deciding whether to believe something or not.

When you look for proof, you normally look within the scope of your awareness. Only a VERY good teacher will take the time to understand what your scope of awareness is and then dumb down the lesson in such a way that you will witness an “aha moment.” However, most people are not great teachers and they don’t plan to be. They share an insight with a hope that you get it and when you don’t get it, they just think you are not smart enough.

When you don’t find proof for something, the easiest option is to just assume that what you heard is baseless and move on. If you follow that approach, you will never take the opportunity to leapfrog beyond the edges of your knowing.

A better approach would be to find teachers that you trust and hope that they really bring at least a few insights that will stretch your awareness beyond it’s current limits. After all, there is no fun in regurgitating things that you already know. The fun is in discovering things that are related but not in your (current) sphere of your awareness.

In fact, your best hope is that you will come across teachers that will bring insights that you cannot easily comprehend at this moment. As you trust and take steps forward, your awareness expands to give you clarity on those insights.

All the best!