How to get rich quickly

Once during a seminar, we engaged in a thought experiment.

I asked the audience what ideas do they have to get rich quick and the answers came in fast. One golden rule was to not to think about any restrictions.

Here are some answers:

1. Buy a lottery (and win)
2. Rob a bank (successfully)
3. Marry someone who is wealthy (and stay married)
4. Be close to a rich (and old) Uncle (and hope..well, forget it)
5. Go to Las Vegas (and gamble and win big)
6. Print Money
7. Sell a bridge (to someone who is wiling to buy)
8. Borrow (lots of) money and don’t return
9. Become a VC (Hmmm…)
10. Pray to God (and since you are lucky your prayers will be answered)
11. Start digging in your backyard (who knows you might hit upon gold or oil)
12. Advertise and ask people to send you money (BTW, this has worked for some people)
13. Start a Ponzi scheme (without getting caught)
14. Write a book that’s as successful as Harry Potter series of books (yes, that should be easy, right)

There were many funny ones but I can’t remember all the ones.

The thing is that if you drop the restrictions and not worry about the consequences of failing in your quest (like going to prison,) you will have a lot of answers. Since you can’t drop the restrictions and you HAVE to worry about the consequences of failing, the answers to such questions are limited.

Exceptions aside, you can get rich quickly provided you got prepared for it slowly!

Have a great Friday!