Mini Saga #78 – Summit

Sometimes what you are looking for may simply be on the path

Mini Saga #78 – Summit

Phil was tired when he reached the top. The view was great but nothing spectacular. The others reached almost four hours later and seemed very happy. Phil was curious to know the reason. One of them said – “It’s those views from the vista points on the way up. Simply spectacular.”


1. A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words. Not 49 or 51 but exactly 50.

2. You can download a photographic manifesto of Mini Sagas at ChangeThis. Here is the link – Mini Sagas: Bite-sized Wisdom for Life and Business (PDF, 2.9MB).

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4. Photo courtesy:  Alex Ciminan on Flickr

5. Thanks to Chris Guillebeau for the prompt