What kids want…

This story sent by Senthil Raja touched my heart. I won’t reveal anything – it’s a short one and it’s worth a read.

A tired man came home late from his whole day hard work.

His 5 year old son was waiting for him at the door.

Son: Dad, May I ask you a question?

Dad: Yes

Son: Dad, how much do you make an hour?

Dad: That’s not your business.

Son: Please tell me.

Dad: $20 per hour.

Son: Dad, May I please borrow $10?

Dad got angry and shouted on the kid to go to the bed.

The little boy went to the room and shut the door.

After sometime man got calm and he went to kid’s room and said- “Sorry for being so hard. Here’s Your $10 you asked for.”

The son smiled – “Oh… Thank you so much Daddy!”

Then son took out some coins he had kept under the pillow, he counted them and said -“Dad, I have $20 now. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please come home early tomorrow.I would like to go to the park with you.”

What do you think is the moral of the story?

Photo Courtesy: M H Ryle on Flickr