The Unexpected: Cebu Pacific Airlines Video

What makes someone smile or laugh?

It is the punchline.

What is the #1 characteristic of a punchline?

It is something unexpected.

If everything was going on as “expected,” there wouldn’t be a punchline and there wouldn’t be a smile or laughter.

Viral videos are the same way. I have written about lessons from 9 viral videos and 3 second acts before. In this latest 2-minute viral video, flight attendants from Cebu Pacific Airlines (Philippines) perform a choreographed (Lady Gaga style) safety instructions demonstration.

What is expected during a safety instruction demonstration: Boring blah blah blah…

What is unexpected: Flight attendants dancing and singing to a super popular tune.

Please take a look below:

The other reports related to the video claim that it was all a setup by Cebu Pacific Airlines. Well, if it was, they were quite successful. Hats off to the marketing team over there.