Making it look easy…

The other day we were at the beach in Carmel. Sumukh spotted a bubbly dog Joe jumping into the waves to fetch a ball. His Master was throwing the ball quite deep. Joe would not only spot the ball but would rush through the waves to fetch it in a matter of a couple of minutes – every single time.

Joe made it look very easy. Almost making us feel like any other dog could do it too. It was great to watch him go and fetch the ball against those waves.

When Joe was right next to us, Sumukh remarked, “Joe should really like that ball. He is going after it quite well..”

The response from Joe’s Master was – “Yeah, he likes it… but really, he is here for a couple of hours every single day. He has been doing it for years.”

That really explained it all.

As you can see, this is no different from how it is in the business world. You see some people making magic. You only see the magic and its awesome but what you don’t see all the practice that has gone behind the scenes that is making it easy to perform that magic.