CEREBRATE Silicon Valley 2010 – Request for Nominations

CEREBRATE Silicon Valley 2010 happens during July 30 – Aug 1, 2010 at Mount Madonna. The event begins late Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon.

CEREBRATE (brain-child of my friend Kiruba Shankar) is an event like no other. The event typically begins with no agenda and quickly develops into a a series of conversations finally resulting in deep relationships with a small number of people. The participants will be from diverse backgrounds – all leading interesting lives and making meaningful contributions to make this world a better place to live. CEREBRATE is not a conference and there will only be a handful of people invited. The goal is not in getting a large number of people but have quality conversations among a small set of people.

I participated in a CEREBRATE event earlier this year and was fascinated with what happened there. Kiruba and I quickly decided that we need to have one such event in Silicon Valley. Everyone seems to be ALWAYS busy in Silicon Valley and this would be a welcome change for a small set of people. This is a time to reflect, connect and build meaningful relationships. It will be different than any of the networking events in the bay area as the agenda is really set by who will participate.

More information is here:

We  have a stellar line-up of people who have already confirmed that they will attend.

Of course, we are very well aware that more people ( that we don’t know ) should be invited and will contribute and benefit from the event. It may be you or someone that you respect. Please nominate them here:

Nominate for CEREBRATE Silicon Valley 2010

We are looking for nominations from all fields – someone who has made meaningful contributions in the fields of arts, crafts, non-profits, business, technology, literature – actually any field for that matter.

The participants will all benefit and most definitely will leave the event with even more capacity to make a bigger difference.