Independence Day

Today is Independence Day and there are celebrations all over the place. It’s exciting. Definitely.

Independence as the word explains is opposite of “Dependence” – in other words it is your freedom to choose rather than being dictated or told what to do. In fact, it is more than the opposite of dependence. The keyword is “choice” here – more than anything else. If someone were in a prison, the choice is taken away. He or she is not only dependent but he or she has limited set of choices in front of him or her.

Independence (and freedom) is sweet but there is a price to pay – it is the price of responsibility.

What most people forget is that while they have the freedom, they don’t have the freedom from facing the consequences of their action. That nobody can escape from. They are free to do whatever they want as long as they are willing to pay the price of facing their consequences. So, in essence, freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. You are free and you can make the most out of it as long as you are responsible. The moment responsibility is taken off, all bets are off.

While wishing everyone a happy Independence Day, I want to wish everyone a “Happy Responsibility Day” on an individual basis.

Enjoy the freedom. Take responsibility and make the most of your life!

Photo Courtesy: SRivera on Flickr