The problem with simply following your heart…

The first look of this blog post may seem controversial but I request you to read on.

I meet many people who say they are simply following their heart. I respect their decision in all cases and in some cases I am actually very happy for them.

But not in all cases. In some of them, I wish they didn’t SIMPLY follow their heart. Not yet. You may be one of them 🙂

Let me explain.

Following your heart means doing what your heart says. Your heart can’t say anything outside of what you are aware of. You can’t probably think of doing something that you don’t know. When you follow your heart prematurely and are totally committed to that cause, you start narrowing your focus to things related to “what your heart said.”

This is fine if your potential was limited to what you could do what you are aware of today. Unfortunately, this is not the case with many people and probably with you too. You are way more capable of pursuing goals bigger than what they are aware of now. For that to happen, you have to be happen to expanding your awareness of what’s possible.

Of course, if you are totally open and not committed to anything, you will be on an eternal search thinking you may find something better to pursue than what you are pursuing now. I am not advocating that.

The wisdom is in balancing the two

First – to follow your heart with what you are aware of today and be committed to it. This means having a laser sharp focus on your current goals and ambitions.

Second – to be “always learning” and expanding your awareness with equal vigor and be open to re-listening to your heart.

Wish you the very best!