One step closer…

We talk about something being a “means to an end” to something else. If you think about it, there is no absolute end ( except in death, may be – but that’s debatable as many people believe that there is life after death ) so you are in effect always doing something that is “means to something else.”

With that in the background, it would greatly help if you craft the “outcome of your current something” closer to the beginning of the “next something.”

A couple of quick examples

1. A couple of weeks ago, I was in-between flights at Dallas Fort Worth airport and observed the sign boards. It was like any other sign board mentioning the shops and directions to them except it also had one more piece of information – the time in minutes to walk to those shops.

Now I have one more piece of information that will help me decide my next course of action.

2. Last week I was at Lake Cunningham in San Jose. As I picked up the parking ticket, I noticed that the parking ticket also had a tape attached to it. It was a small thing but it made it extremely easy to stick that parking ticket to the glass.

Now think about your own day. Or, better yet, think about that next email that you were going to send. That email is a “means to the next something.” Once you send that email, that is the end of your part. But it’s a beginning of something else on the other end. The question is “how can you make that one step closer than what it is today?

Have a great week ahead.