Horlicks – Nourish or Help You Sleep Well? You Decide.

I was presenting on the topic of “The Power of Storytelling” to the NIT Alumni group last week. I had a few dozen slides of companies telling powerful stories. During the break, one of the participants mentioned about the Horlicks story. [To set the context, over 2 billion cups of Horlicks are drunk every year.]

Rather than writing a long post, here are the two advertisements (one for India and one for UK) – lifted directly from their respective websites.

1. Horlicks India

(Story: Horlicks is the only health drink, clinically proven in India, to make kids taller, stronger and sharper)

2. Horlicks UK

(Story: Sleep well, eat well)

Summary: We don’t know whether Horlicks is selling two different sets of products but if not, it is really an interesting story 🙂