Handling Irrelevance

Almost every month one or the other “Yellow Pages” book lands up in front of my door. All these “Yellow Pages” books look the same from outside. I don’t know how they look inside because I have never opened one in the recent past. There was only one time, my son brought one of the books inside to use it as a door stopper. Other than that, I have not found any use for it.

Two days ago, I found another Yellow Pages from a new company. This time, they went one step further. A day later someone from that company called from another city and wanted to check whether I received the Yellow Pages book and if the condition was OK.

I had a hard time not trying to laugh out loud.

You can’t handle irrelevance by hard work, unfortunately.

In places where Internet adoption is high, the days of Yellow Pages are over. They are irrelevant. Force-fitting something irrelevant won’t work however hard you try. The only thing that can happen is that you will postpone the eventual death (by a bit) but in the process you will annoy (or amuse) a ton of people.

There is a place for persistence and this is NOT it.

You handle irrelevance by innovation and re-invention, not hard work.