Who said that?

That’s the first question that comes to your mind when you hear a quote or anything interesting.

Think about this quote

“Stay hungry, stay foolish!”

If you didn’t know that the above quote (source: You have got to find what you love) was from Steve Jobs, you may be lost. You might think, why should I stay hungry and for God’s sake why should I stay foolish? But the moment you know this quote was from Steve Jobs, things become clear.

I love the above quote but on a lighter note, don’t take it literally 🙂

Remember that:

You cannot change people’s need to know the “Who” but you can take care of it by working on your identity.

Gerry Sindell of Thought Leaders International explains the power of identity brilliantly in his new book “The Genius Machine.” He says:

“One of the great challenges in getting new and valuable ideas accepted is that many intended users, even those who would benefit enormously from what is being offered, spend a lot of energy and time trying to figure out who the person is behind the innovation. Until we feel comfortable that we know the answer, it’s hard for us to accept the advice, no mater how valuable it might be.”

We also have Chris Pirillo who sums this up in a tweet below.

We still have more than 10 months in this new year. So may be you can work out a plan to address the “Who” question more powerfully?