A gentle push…

When you are on the fence, sometimes all it requires is a gentle push and you will move to one side. But someone or something has to give that gentle push. It does not take a lot of effort (remember: it’s gentle) but someone still has to do it.

With that in the background, let’s put the “proverbial” fence aside and take a real situation.

You are contemplating whether to attend a networking event or not. You want to do it but you also have other competing priorities to take care of. You know that in the long run it will help you but there are some short-term fires to put out.

You are in a dilemma.

In other words, you are on the “proverbial” fence.

You are waiting for someone or something to give you a gentle push – and help you make that decision.

What is that one thing that the organizers can tell you that will give that gentle push?

How about the following?

What if they said:

As of <date> and <time> we have 40 CEO’s or Presidents of companies attending.

You suddenly have that “information” – something attractive enough to give that gentle push and nudge you towards making a decision to go to that event.

I was fascinated by the CEO Counter that was shown on the homepage of the website called The BD Event. It is a networking organization and someone there designed a much needed “carrot” to provide that gentle push.

Something to think about in your own situations –

What is that thing that will provide that (much needed) nudge or gentle push?