Sharpening Your Models

Photo Courtesy: Lumaxart on Flickr Stephen Covey’s 7th Habit in his classic book “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” was: Sharpen your saw The message there was to keep practicing our craft and continue to get better at what we do. That message is still valid and very relevant. However, there is a need for… Continue reading

Leap of Faith

Photo Courtesy: Travis Gray on Flickr We take “leaps of faith” all the time. We don’t have a choice but to take a “leap of faith” when the data is limited to make a good assessment of the situation that leads to a rational decision [ For those smart types – not making a decision… Continue reading


Photo Courtesy: Alistercyne at Flickr Last week, I had an opportunity to introduce one of my mentors Yakov Soloveychik to some of the people that I mentor. It was an honor and a privilege. I was explaining to the group that every time I meet Yakov I come back with something that I had not… Continue reading


Photo Courtesy: Selva on Flickr When was the last time you were touched and moved? Do you recall one such moment in the last few weeks? I am sure that it was not: * When you went to a grocery store and picked up something and the cashier gave a smile that he gives to… Continue reading

A new foundation

Photo Courtesy: Ekainj on Flickr The general tendency is to build. create, publish or ship. However, without a solid foundation whatever you build, create, publish or ship won’t get far. You cannot NOT have a foundation. You have one. It is your sum total of your history, accomplishments, relationships and your contributions to start with…. Continue reading