A new foundation

Photo Courtesy: Ekainj on Flickr

The general tendency is to build. create, publish or ship.

However, without a solid foundation whatever you build, create, publish or ship won’t get far.

You cannot NOT have a foundation. You have one. It is your sum total of your history, accomplishments, relationships and your contributions to start with. Whatever you build is on top of this foundation.

You have a sound foundation and you get better results for your creation.

You have a weak foundation and you get weak results for your creation.

You have a mediocre foundation and you get mediocre results for your creation.

The foundation has a HUGE influence on whatever you do.


You can do something about it.

You can renew, re-invent and re-work on your foundation starting today. You can lay a new foundation starting today.

In fact, that should be an ongoing activity in parallel to whatever you are creating – always strengthening and upgrading your foundation.

Your foundation is your leverage engine.

Have you wondered how some people seem to get a LOT done in a single day?

You can learn a lot by observing under what foundation they are operating. You look back on how they progressed in their life and career and you will notice a strong slant towards (implicitly in many cases) to build a strong foundation.

Go ahead and set aside some time to work on your new foundation and let the magic begin.