The LINCHPIN in "3 Idiots"

3 Idiots is a movie that touched my heart in the recent past. The movie was not just entertaining but was filled with so many life lessons. Brilliant storytelling made it memorable. I won’t go into everything as I am sure many of you have not seen the movie and don’t want this to be a spoiler

The characterization of the protagonist Rancho was what touched me most (apart from the core theme of the movie.)

The Protagonist Rancho (Aamir Khan, Aamir Khan’s blog) was not just different but someone who made a difference and touched the hearts and souls of so many people in his short stay in the college. Then Rancho goes missing and his two friends Farhan (R. Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi) search for him. They have not found him for five years but they don’t give up their search.

On a similar note, LINCHPIN (new book by Seth Godin) is one of my favorite reads in the last few days.

In LINCHPIN, Seth focuses on BEING rather than DOING. Seth’s compassionate plea is for everyone to “be” an artist – be a Linchpin rather than a cog in the wheel.

There is no premium paid for “being” a cog in the wheel. Not just that, your survival is at stake if you continue “being” a cog in the wheel. So, it is not like one has a choice on whether he/she wants to do something different. One has to start “being” a different person – an artist – someone who creates.

The book is BRILLIANT because it’s a wake-up call for most professionals. Wake up call to let them know that they are heading towards a cliff if they continue “being” who they are.

A LINCHPIN in simple terms is “someone who is indispensable.” Someone who has made such a significant impact that he/she is someone you cannot live without.

Now, combining the two of my favorites – 3 Idiots and LINCHPIN, what I can infer is that Rancho was the LINCHPIN in their lives. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons the friends never gave up the search on Rancho.

In this 5-minute song, his friends recollect memories of him and explain how he had touched their heart. The song is in Hindi but thanks to Bijith, I have found the translation for the lyrics.

A thought experiment for you:

1. If you go missing (and I pray you don’t) and your friends had to think about the difference you made in their lives, what would they think about? What would YOUR song look like?

2. What could you do in 2010 so that there is a better song for you?

You may not have an answer right now, but that’s something for you to think about.

Meanwhile, here is the song and the English translation for you to enjoy:

Translation Courtesy: Bijith
(Note: Made some minor changes to the original translation)

Behti Hawa Sa Tha Woh
He was like a flowing wind

Udti Patang Sa Tha Woh
He was like a soaring kite

Kahan Gaya Usse Dhoondo
Where did he vanish? Lets find him

Humko Toh Raahein Thi Chalati
While we were always following the path

Woh Khud Apni Raah Banata
He always made his path

Girta Sambhalta Masti Mein Chalta Tha Woh
[He] Sometimes fell, sometimes balanced but always went ahead cheerfully

Humko Kal Ki Fikar Sataati
We were always worried about tomorrow

Woh Bas Aaj Ka Jashn Manaata
And, he always celebrated today

Har Lamhe Ko Khulke Jeeta Tha Woh
He lived every minute fully

Kahan Se Aaya Tha Woh
Where did he come from?

Chhooke Hamare Dil Ko Kahan Gaya Usse Doondo
Where did he vanish… touching our hearts

Sulagti Dhoop Mein Chhaaon Ke Jaisa
He was like shade in scorching sun

Registaan Mein Gaaon Ke Jaisa
He was like an oasis in a vast desert

Mann Ke Ghaav Me Marham Jaisa Tha Woh
He was like medicine for wounded heart

Hum Sahme Se Rehte Kuwein Mein
We were living in our own well

Woh Nadiya Mein Gote Lagata
While he would do a somersault in the river

Ulti Dhara Cheerke Tairta Tha Woh
He used to swim against the waterfall

Baadal Awara Tha Woh
He was like a carefree cloud

Yaar Hamara Tha Woh
He was our friend

Kahan Gaya Usse Dhoondo
Where did he vanish… lets find him!

Have a great week ahead!