Think, Write, Retire: An interview with Dr. Mani

thinkwriteretire-coverMy good friend Sunil Kanderi introduced me to Dr. Mani earlier this year. I am so glad I met Dr. Mani. I have been fascinated with his work and how much he is GIVING to this world.

Today is the release of Dr. Mani’s book – “Think, Write, Retire.” Being an Infopreneur, Dr. Mani has put together a great deal for people who will buy his book today. You can get the details about the promotion here

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Think, Write & Retire Launch

I asked Dr. Mani a few questions about the topics surrounding the book and (as usual) he has answered them brilliantly here.

RS: First of all, please tell our audience who is an “Infopreneur” and why is it cool to be one?

An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who works with information.  Entrepreneurs assume risks in launching and running a business venture.  Infopreneurs work with data, review and distill it down into relevant and useful information, package and present it into a format that others will want to buy – and then build a business around selling this packaged information for profit.

In other words, infopreneurs create and sell information products, and through them build massive wealth by creating a sustainable, profitable business.

And that’s what makes being an infopreneur so COOL! 🙂

= = =

RS: “Think. Write. Retire” is a great title for a book. There are many people who can think and write but they are no way close to getting retired. What are they missing?

Many readers will glance at the title and think all they have to do is write a book, sell enough of it to earn a fortune, and retire.  And that may well happen.

But more realistically – and excitingly – my book will show readers how to take an information product they create, and make it the foundation of a plan to retire and live the life of their dreams.

It’s all a part of a process.

And in ‘Think, Write & RETIRE!’, I share that exact process which is a kind of narrative of my own experience as an infopreneur.  I’ve written many books, most published digitally as e-books, and sold them online.  The money earned from this has funded my lifestyle, seeded an investment portfolio that has now grown into solid income producing assets, and supported a deeper purpose that helps children with heart birth defects.

I’m now ‘retired’, in the sense that I no longer have to work for money.  I still work – but on my passions.  And what made that possible is the process I teach in “Think, Write & RETIRE!”

= = =

RS: Apart from Thinking and Writing, what are three things that Infopreneurs focus on to get to their goals?

1. Dreams.  Your own dreams, as an infopreneur, are what fuel the effort, time and expense you’ll invest into becoming one.  They are what make the end result worthwhile.

2. Value.  Your primary aim, as an information marketer, is to add value to the lives of your clients.  It may be as simple as making them smile or laugh.  It may be as serious as saving their life, finances or relationships.

3. Audience.  Your ultimate focus should always be on what your audience is looking for, wanting to buy, needing help with.  By delivering what they already are seeking, you simplify the process of selling, and transcend to a level of making their lives better, in one way or another.

= = =

RS: What are the typical mistakes Infopreneurs make?

1. Getting too involved in what you want or like.  It isn’t ever about yourself, the infopreneur.  It is always about ‘them’, your prospects, readers, buyers.

2. Trying too hard to get everything perfect.  ‘Perfection’ is usually an illusion.  You certainly shouldn’t put out junk or poor quality content.  But don’t over-analyze your information products to the point you waste too much time tweaking things when they are good enough already!

3. Giving up too early.  Success is often just around the corner – and you’ll find it as long as you’re willing to keep walking towards it.  Too many times, people give up just before they arrive at it.

= = =

RS: What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your journey as an Infopreneur?

Well, I’d say two of the biggest infopreneur lessons the years have taught are:

* Picking a Niche is MOST vital

* Striving to deliver VALUE is your biggest competitive edge

In a sense, I’ve known this intuitively ever since I started out as an infopreneur in 1995.  But over the years, I’ve received so much validation that this is absolutely the best path to follow as an infopreneur.

That’s the reason I devote two full chapters in ‘Think, Write & RETIRE!’ to these two principles.  Just reading them alone will proof any infopreneur’s business against competition!

Buy the book here and help a child!

Think, Write & Retire Launch