On TH!NKsulting: 7 More Questions

Here are 7 more questions I answered on my Q&A site – TH!NKsulting.

(the first 3 questions are here)

#4 A Budding Author (name withheld upon request) asks:

I am planning to write a book on (topic withheld upon request.) Can we schedule a call to discuss and brainstorm ideas?

My answer is here.

#5  CV asks

My manager does not notice my good work. What should I do?

My answer is here.

#6  Boris Glants asks –

I love your idea of TH!NKSULTING! I had a question regarding personal branding that I was hoping you could help answer. I have a lot of seemingly divergent interests. I’ve been able to manage them by looking at them as projects that I as a person engage in. I always look for ways each project can help my other interests and it really becomes a time management issue after that. However when it comes to a personal brand, which takes some time to build – it seems strange to create a brand for each area of life I am interested in – suddenly start to feel like a I have a personality disorder. Is there a way to create one personal brand that encompasses my divergent interests? If so what steps do you suggest? Or is it a fool’s errand? And if so, how do you suggest I build the unique brands so that there is at least some interconnection between them?

My answer is here.

#7 DD asks:

A few years ago, a few friends and I started a company. We had worked on the product extensively but things fell apart as we could not work out the financial terms amicably. How can we avoid this in the future?

My answer is here.

#8 Ming from Penang asks:

How do I overcome my Second Brain child syndrome?

(I tend to neglect implementing good ideas and projects, for pursuing new ideas which always seem to be more exciting at the time, until the next new idea comes along)

I have 3 very loved but neglected brain children.

My answer is here.

#9 A Social Media Enthusiast asks:

How do I get the right return on my social media investment?

My answer is here.

#10 An  “Aspiring Networker” asks:

I am interested in networking but I don’t have the time to connect to many people so that is limiting my ability to network better. What ideas do you have?

My answer is here.

Have a great week ahead!