Announcing TH!NKSULTING or "Ask a Question"

For a long time I have had requests to answer questions on this blog and I have avoided that as I didn’t know how to make it work for me and the readers. Answering questions has an inherently built scaling problem. I have only limited time and can only answer a limited number of questions. If I don’t do a reasonably good job, then the person who asked the question won’t benefit – this means there is a bigger time and energy commitment.

But I have found a framework to do that.And, that is called TH!NKSULTING – just like CONsulting but slightly different! Removed the “CON” and replaced it with TH!NK 😉

Very simply, it is to put a small hurdle to ask questions – so only serious people will participate in this. In the current phase, I am accepting questions from those of you who already have some sort of a relationship with me OR you have purchased a copy of THE FULCRUM EFFECT. One of the two – a previous or current working relationship or you have purchased a copy of THE FULCRUM EFFECT DVD. The DVD costs $82 so it may seem expensive but definitely well below my consulting rate.

There is no guarantee that you will like my answer or my answer will solve your problems. That would become CONsuting, I am only doing TH!NKsulting – providing you a perspective to look at your problem in one or two more angles.

You can send questions to “thinksulting” at “gmail” dot “com

Be very specific but since I am publishing the question and answer, let me know if I can include your initials or not. Please make sure that your question is not “too specific” that it will stop benefiting others. The areas where you can ask me questions include but not limited to

  • Personal Branding
  • Lasting Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • The Art of Leverage

Here are a few questions and links to the answers

We have a project. Can we build a company?

Question from HL:

I have a potential project from a prospect. I think there are other people who have the same problem. Can we build a product in parallel as we are delivering the project?
My answer is here

How can I find people with complementary skills to partner with?

An Aspiring Enrepreneur (name withheld by request) asks:

Entrepreneurship requires different pillars of strengths and skills.   One person cannot possess all that.  For example, I love to conceptualize an idea with market relevancy and technically build it out to make it a reality.  But I dont necessarily have marketing/sales skills.  I believe I should partner up with someone who has those skills/experience and contacts, so I am waiting “actively”.  What would you suggest me to do differently given my situation?

My answer is here.

Should I give up my values for the sake of the team?

Ashwin asks – “I’m sure you’re well experienced in leading a team and currently I’m in a big quandary. How far does one give in to their own values in order for a team to work? For me, leadership is about garnering followership and working with a team to get to a common goal. But when there comes a point where you have to forgo a lot of your values in order for the team to “work”, what do you do?”

My answer is here.