Announcing "The Fulcrum Effect" DVD

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“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”
–   Archimedes

Finally, the DVD program is here. This is one my favorite talks because of how much I believe that “understanding leverage” is the biggest key to long-term success. Here is the quick pitch about the DVD program.

A powerful personal brand, long-term relationships, likeability can increase leverage in the personal and professional lives of CEOs. Today’s leaders are living in an age of information overload, global competition, economic uncertainty and are constantly faced with less time to get more done.

By capitalizing on the elements of leverage, the leaders can not only get more results in the short-term but also lay a strong foundation for future success.

Key areas for learning include:
•    The key elements of high leverage
•    How to capitalize on the unfair advantage of “personal likeability.”
•    The art of building a powerful personal brand
•    The art of building lasting relationships
•    The right tools and the right practices for getting more out of your time

By the end of the presentation, you as leaders will have a whole new way of looking at how to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships both in their personal and professional lives.

Value: Using real-world stories and examples, Rajesh will get people to think and apply the rules of leverage in their own personal and professional lives.

The result: You will walk away with a new set of tools to leverage their precious assets – their likeability, their personal brand and their existing and new relationships.

In summary, leaders are ready to walk that “extra mile.” This presentation will show how to make that “extra mile” count.

A quick intro video is here:

You can buy the DVD here:

1. The Fulcrum Effect at Amazon

Special thanks to the following people:

  • The video was directed and produced by my friend Valli Bindana, president of Kreative Vistas.
  • The cover page was designed by my friend Karthik Sundram at Purplepatch services
  • The video was printed and packaged by my friends at OasisCD. Thanks to my friend Micah Solomon, president of OasisCD.
  • Sterling Lanier, Vistage Chair and Vistage-247 Group members who generously gave permission to record the talk.