There is a book in your heart…


That was the topic of my presentation at the recently concluded #140Conf at NYC.

It was also the day when my new book was released. The new book is titled:

140 bite-sized lessons for a fast paced world.

The entire book was written on Twitter. This is probably the first published book that was entirely written on Twitter.

I am fortunate to have Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki) to write the foreword for the book. I am also thankful to all the wonderful people who provided advance praise for the book. You can also read the early reviews of the book here:

TH!NKTweet: Early Reviews

I am also thankful to my friends Karine and Francis from StresslimitDesign for designing the book and my partner Mitchell Levy for publishing it.

More on the series coming soon.

Review Copies: If you are interested in getting a review copy (e-version) please contact me via email and mention where you are “intending to review” the book. I will get one sent out asap.

If you want to get the background of how it all started, please watch my talk at the #140Conf below: