Upbeat Blog Tour – First Wave

upbeat-cover-final1My friend Teresa Morrow is helping to organize two waves of Upbeat Blog Tour. This is the list for the first wave. Thanks to all those that are participating in the blog tour.

1. June 22nd – Starts with Teresa Morrow of  Key Business Partners writing a book review of Upbeat.

2. June 23rd – Melody Campbell at Small Business Guru will share a video review.

3. June 24th – Karen Pierce Gonzalez at Karen Pierce Gonzalez Public Relations will display a book review.

4. June 25th – Murali Mullani at Inspions will share a interview with Rajesh.

5. June 26th – Jeff Hurt at Jeff Hurt Blog will continue the tour with his interview with Rajesh to discuss the book and why it is relevant now.

6. June 29th – Tim Bursh at Tim Bursch Blog conducts an interview with Rajesh.

7. June 30th- Mohanraj CP at Mohanraj’s blog will share an announcement about the book.

8. July 1st – Ramesh Sambasivan at Itrade Fair will talk about the book, Upbeat.

9. July 2nd – Phil Gerbyshak at Make It Great shares a conversation with Rajesh about business, life and his book, Upbeat.

10. July 3rd – George Angus at Tumblemoose will display a book review of Upbeat.

The second wave will happen end of July. Teresa and I will update you with a new list of those participating in that blog tour.