10 Ways to Get a License for Inaction


Photo Credit: DGray-Xplane at Flickr

Here they are:

  1. There are not many choices
  2. There are too many choices
  3. I am analyzing the risk/reward scenarios for EVERY action
  4. I am getting a second opinion (add third, fourth and fifth….)
  5. I want to be SURE…
  6. My gut says to wait (and I have been hurt when I didn’t follow my gut before…)
  7. That’s the NEXT project as soon as I finish <<write the name of your current project here>>
  8. I don’t know what <<write other person’s name here>> will feel about this…
  9. I am STILL thinking about the best course of action
  10. Last time I waited a little longer, the problem automatically (and magically) went away…

I know, I know.. there are more then 10 ways. You can add to the list in the comments section 🙂