Behind the Scenes of "Beyond Code"

My last book “Beyond Code” (foreword by Tom Peters) was published in the month of September 2005.

This article talks about the making of “Beyond Code.” I am hoping that it might provide some information for people wanting to write a book (or already writing a book.) For others, it may just be look into what happened during the initial stages of the book.

The project started on September 12, 2005. It was planned and executed over sixty days in one notebook. The entire notebook is now scanned and posted on Flickr. Here is the link for the entire manuscript

Beyond Code Manuscript on Flickr

This is the planning page for the project.


The target was to write 120 pages and at 2 pages per day, the plan was to finish the book in sixty days. You will see that most of the blocks (under the dates) are filled. They were all empty when I first started writing the book. I used to fill every block after I finished the planned writing for that date. So, at any time, I could open this page on the book and I would know where I am in the book – how far ahead or how far behind 🙂

The numbers in front of the chapters are the total number of pages written for that chapter.

I used the same book for all the chapters and mixed up chapters over the sixty days. I had a page for capturing the chapter flow – basically the title of the chapter and the page numbers that would cover that chapter.


I captured almost everything in this book, including the quotes that I wanted to include in the book. Here is the quotes page:


Once again, here is the link to the manuscript. You can click on the slideshow on the top right side of the Flickr page to quickly browse through the book.

Beyond Code Manuscript on Flickr

This is the VERY first draft of the book. Of course, it evolved over the next one year before it got published in September of 2005. You can download the entire book here:

Rajesh Setty: Beyond Code book

If you want a hard copy, you can buy it on Amazon.

Have a great week ahead.