Upbeat Video Intro – Interviewed by Mike Stelzner

upbeat-cover-smallMy new book “Upbeat” is still a couple of months away but a lot is happening behind the scenes in preparation for the book release. I am excited about it for many reasons the number #1 reason being the timing.

My belief is that it’s all in the perspective with which we look at things:

One way to look at this is: Recession is hard on everybody and there is not much help out there. Read the newspapers, watch the TV and there is only negative news. I need help but everyone is busy so there is no possibility of getting help.

Another way of looking at this is: Recession is hard on everybody and everybody needs help. If I am capable of giving “good” help, then suddenly the market for my help expanded in a big way.

Last week I was with Michael Stelzner, the whitepaper Guru at Balboa Park in San Diego. Mike was kind enough to interview me and we talked about the book and a few other things. Here is the video (about 6 minutes)

Have a great Wednesday!