Launching "Behind The Car" project


Today is Sumukh’s birthday. He is 10 years old. I have always wanted him to learn the basics of building a company. Of course, it will be odd to try and teach a ten year old kid about balance sheets and income statements without a context. So, the last few weeks, Sumukh and I have been thinking about building a business just to learn the basics of building a business.

Finally, we came up with a simple idea and started executing on it. That project is called “Behind The Car

What is Behind The Car?

Behind The Car is an ongoing community project where people from all over the world send in fun and interesting bumper stickers via email.

Starting today, you should be seeing bumper stickers posted (almost) everyday on the site. Some of these bumper stickers are funny, some are cool, some are interesting, some are boring and some are, well, we are still trying to figure them all out.

Why this project?

The goal of the project is for Sumukh to learn the basics of building a business. While we are passionate about the project, the goal is to share and learn more than anything else.

How can you participate?

If you find a fun, interesting or cool bumper sticker, please take a photo and send the same to “behindthecar at gmail dot com” and Sumukh will clean it up (remove the license plate information etc.) and post it with a link to your website.

Special Thanks

Lots of friends who are lending a helping hand to Sumukh and most importantly Cody McKibben at ThrillingDesign for patiently helping Sumukh with his project.

A Request

Please visit “Behind The Car” and help us spread the message.

If any of you are interested about the lessons learned throughout the project send me an email and I will add you to the list. I am asking Sumukh to document this journey and hope that it will be useful for others who might also be interested in such a journey.

We don’t know where this will go but would definitely welcome your support and good wishes.

Thank you.