Ways to distinguish yourself #196 – Be aware of your circle of awareness

It requires a lot of maturity to be aware of your circle of awareness. This is one of the areas where “ignorance is definitely NOT bliss”.

What you want is typically within your circle of awareness.

If “what you need” to reach your goals is outside of this circle of awareness, you may not make an attempt to get it because you just don’t know that such a thing exists.

So what do you do to get in sync?

Here are a few quick options:

1. Read more to increase your awareness: This is probably the lowest cost no-brainer option. Expand your library and you expand your awareness.

2. Find a Mentor: A mentor can help you raise your awareness sometimes slowly but sometimes in just one meeting.

3. Use the right tools
: How can you find something you need when you can only search with “what you want”? That’s where tools like Rawsugar will come in.

4. Attend Events that stretch your imagination: If you have never been to a museum, go and visit one. If you have never been to an art exhibition go to one. Be curious and go there with an open mind.

The above are ONLY examples of ways of expanding your circle of awareness. Go ahead and stretch your imagination and find ways to stretch the circle of awareness.

All the best!


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