Risk and Reward

The typical rule is that higher the risk, higher is the reward.

It seems like people know this.

And many people say that they are willing to take the higher risk to get the higher reward.

However, lots of people will opt for conservative approach in terms of “risk tolerance” but still expect a higher reward.

The sad part is a large majority of people want higher rewards with almost no risk however odd it may sound.

At all levels, I think the probability of success is same.

In one case (high risk, high reward), small percentage of people win just because it is “high risk” and one thing going wrong may derail the whole project. Brilliant strategy and great execution by a superb team may provide a big win.

In the other case of fantasy world (very low risk, high reward) one may still win because there are always the case of lottery winners.

In both cases, media will scoop up the news and report it as if this is common – almost saying that “if they can do it, you can too”. In reality, the fact that media picked this up shows that it is uncommon – meaning “if they can do it, you may not be able to”

The big difference though, in the first case you, even when you fail, you will BECOME something that you will be proud of later.

All the best!!!