DAMN if you don't DAARE…

I am big on personal branding. As I have observed before, it is now going to the other extreme. People are trying to make the most of the social tools  available out there but they are skipping a step. I want to write on that topic again and possibly simplify the message. So here we go:

I have seen personal branding process in many angles and the boxes change but the process almost remains the same. One approach can be DAARE:

1. Design (Knowing what brand to build)

2. Accomplish (make really meaningful contributions to the world and/or marketplace)

3. Amplify (using social tools)

4. Build Reputation (create a lasting impression)

5. Experience Benefits (It’s payback time)

The barrier to entry to social tools is quite low. That is making people follow a different approach – DAMN

1. Design (know what brand to build)

2. Amplify (use social tools right away – skip the accomplishment part)

3. Try to Monetize ( try to get an ROI)

4. See No Results (Of course, you know what happens)

In other words (and, on a lighter note) —

DAMN if you don’t DAARE!!!



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Have a great week ahead!