2008 Quought for the Day #17 – Mike Kanazawa


This is part of the Quought for the Day – 2008 Series.

Quought = Question that provokes thought!

The question I asked thought leaders and my very smart friends is:

What is ONE question that you wish someone had asked you when you were young? And, Why?

I will be posting answers (which will be Quoughts) one by one.This one is from Mike Kanazawa

Michael Kanazawa, chief executive of Dissero Partners, serves as a business advisor to executives on the topics of corporate transformation, strategy, business execution and leadership.

He is also co-author of BIG Ideas to BIG Results (FT Press / Pearson Hall – 2008)

He has worked with organizations including Silicon Valley start-ups, private equity investors and global corporations, such as AT&T, Anadigics, Intel, PG&E, Schlumberger, Symantec, and Verizon

Mike’s Quought

Why wait?

Mike’s reason for choosing that Quought

We spend so much time building ourselves up with education and titles to bring our ideas into the world, when all along much of our power to influence the world was already there. This holds true at all stages of life.

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