Samsung Advertisement Experience

Take a look at the picture below (Photo courtesy: Kiruba Shankar). This is from an ad for the Samsung Refrigerator.

You would think that this is like any other advertisement. It’s not!

You will have to click through this link to find out how this advertisement is really implemented. (Hint: It is really not an advertisement but an Advertisement Experience)

Kiruba Shankar: An Awesomely Innovative Ad

Simply Brilliant!

Food for Thought: How can you create such an experience for one or more of your products or services?


Update – July 10, 2008

I have recieved a few emails asking me why I am asking people to click through to Kiruba’s blog when I could just explain what this advertisement experience is – right here on my blog.

The answer is simple.You see – my first four published works were fiction. Specifically they were murder mysteries and spy thrillers. So I love suspense and wanted to create some suspense on the blog.

Just kidding..

Really, this interesting ad experience was discovered by Kiruba (who is a long-time friend) and rightly you should hear about it from him. Explaining everything on my blog and giving just a credit link won’t do justice as people may not click through the credit link 🙂

Anyway my $.02 only. There is no right or wrong way in these things. You do what your gut says. Sorry for those who thought I created an inconvenience.