Ways to distinguish yourself #183 – Increase your capacity to increase capacity of others

I don’t think people have a dearth of ideas or opportunities. There are literally hundreds of ideas and opportunities that people can pursue. However, there is a physical limitation on people’s capacity to execute on them. You are gold if you can enhance someone’s capacity as they pursue their life’s passion. However, when you are… Continue reading

Black mark

You might have heard this example used in analogies before: Imagine a white sheet with one black mark. What do you see? A white sheet or a black mark? Of course, a black mark Now, stretching it a little bit, something for you to think about: Think about your blog as a white sheet of… Continue reading

A Blogger's fantasies

Note 1: These are in no particular order Note 2: Not all bloggers have all the fantasies listed <<smiles>> Fantasy #1: You think you are important because you are blogging. Reality #1: A blogger can become important by his accomplishments. Blogging can enhance it. Well, there are some bloggers who are famous just by their… Continue reading