Ways to distinguish yourself #182 – Structure yourself to get high-quality help requests

If we super-simplify what we do on a daily basis, we can say that we are

1. doing what we want to do or

2. doing what someone else wants us to do or

3. doing what we HAVE to do.

In the first case, it is clear that you are totally in-charge. What kind of activities you engage in depends on you and the self-discipline you have.

In the second case, it really depends on what kinds of requests you are getting. If you are constantly getting requests to perform activities that are considered a “commodity”, that is what your identity will be. Alternatively, if you are constantly getting requests that are of “high value” to the stake holders, you are automatically getting a premium.

Watch the requests that came your way in the last three months.

1. How many of these do you consider “commodity requests”?

2. How many of these do you consider “high value” requests?

3. What percentage of requests (when fulfilled) will take you to a whole new level?

4. What percentage of requests will bring the best out of you?

5. What percentage of requests will extend your personal brand?

6. What percentage of requests are in your area of strengths and will enhance your strengths even further?

You don’t have to answer this to anyone else. The only person who can make a judgement on the quality of requests is you. If you are not happy with the quality of help requests that are coming your way, what can you do in the next three months to change this?


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