A Blogger's fantasies

Note 1: These are in no particular order
Note 2: Not all bloggers have all the fantasies listed <<smiles>>

Fantasy #1: You think you are important because you are blogging.
Reality #1: A blogger can become important by his accomplishments. Blogging can enhance it. Well, there are some bloggers who are famous just by their blogging. You can try to copy them if you want to chase exceptions.

Fantasy #2: A blog post is important because you wrote it
Reality #2: A blog post becomes important if the blogger is important – refer to #1. Also, a blog post is important based on what is in the blog post – not just because it’s a blog post.

Fantasy #3: Having a blog is a status symbol
Reality #3: In 2000, yes. Now, there are more than a hundred million blogs. Go figure.

Fantasy #4: You can trick people to increase traffic.
Reality #4: It all depends on the blogger’s objective. Tricks and gimmicks can get traffic but don’t know whether that is the kind of traffic you want. My teacher once told me that clowns make people laugh in a circus but that’s not the reason for people to go to the circus.

Fantasy #5: You can exchange links with others to quickly get to glory
Reality #5: The only way to get links to your blog is by CONSISTENTLY writing well and backing that up with accomplishments offline.

Fantasy #6: If you don’t listen to me, I will threaten to blog about it
Reality #6: Blog is not a crutch or a blackmailing tool.

Fantasy #7: Everyone in the blogosphere is equal as everyone has a blog
Reality #7: Theoritically yes, practically – makes no sense. It is like a startup CEO with a 1-person company saying he has the same power as any CEO. A-listers have more power – whether you like it or not.

Fantasy #8: Because it “your” blog, you can write whatever you want
Reality #8: Of course, that’s true. But you should also be prepared to face the consequences and the impact on your identity.

Fantasy #9: Blogging can make you rich and famous
Reality #9: Blogging can definitely help but to be realistic, it has to be WAY more than blogging that will get you there.

Fantasy #10
: Blogging is the short-cut to reach a lot of people
Reality #10: It may very well be. However, for the other person to trust you, your public identity and the quality of your blog becomes important. It is one thing to get someone to visit your blog once and it’s a whole different thing for someone to visit your blog again and again.

Bonus Fantasy #11: Having a blog is cool
Bonus Reality #11: Having a powerful identity and a good blog is cool