NYR "New Year Resolutions" Generator

UPDATE Dec 30, 2006: This was a list that I had posted at the beginning of last year. Today is not my birthday. My birthday is on Jan 2. I am bringing this back up as most of the items in the list are still relevant. Also, this is not my 300th post

As posted on Jan 2, 2006

Today is a special day for me for two reasons:

1. Today is my birthday

2. This is my 300th post on my blog

So I decided to write something different…

Over the last few weeks, I have been asking my friends about their new
year resolutions. Many tell me that their only resolution is to not to
have a resolution. Others freely shared some of their resolutions.
Being a writer, I collected a few of the interesting ones. For those
that are still thinking about creating resolutions, I wanted to do my
part and help. Here is a “New Year Resolution Generator” – a quick list
of resolutions that people can pick and choose from. Use the list
however you want. Take this seriously or just have fun with it!

NYR (New Year Resolution) Generator

1. Start waking up 30 minutes early everyday

2. Plan your week and reflect on the past week

3. Re-connect with five old friends

4. Remember to say “I Love You” to your spouse from your heart every now and then

5. Stop smoking

6. Don’t drink (or, don’t drink and drive)

7. Get life insurance for you and your family

8. Read a book a week/2 weeks/month that will help you reach your goals

9. Use an RSS reader (please..)

10. Start a blog

11. Start loving your job

12. Start reading manifestos on ChangeThis

13. Shut off your blackberry when you are playing with your kids

14. Don’t get carried away by the web

15. Read your emails before you send them

16. Watch “airtime” on your cell phone. Extra charges can kill 🙂

17. Buy a “hands free” kit for your cell phone

18. Register a domain with your name. Do something brilliant so that you can put that on your homepage

19. Think!

20. Don’t make a resolution to not to make a resolution. You will win!

21. Set speed dials for most used numbers on your cell phone

22. Keep your Email Inbox clean
      Get Managing Incoming Email paper by Mark Hurst

23. Backup your computer regularly

24. Install Antivirus, Spamblocker and Firewall on your computer

25. Be five minutes early for your meetings

26. Don’t attend meetings that you can’t contribute or learn from

27. Don’t copy your emails to people without a strong reason to do so

28. Stop make promises that you can’t keep

29. Stop wasting people’s time

30. Get a mentor

31. Touch someone’s life

32. Double your donation to a charity

33. Stop procrastinating

34. Face your real problems and do something about them

35. Start public speaking

36. Read about philosophy

37. Read one or more of the following books
    a. Influencee by Robert Cialdini
    b. Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott
    c. Whoever makes the most mistakes wins by Richard Farson
    d. Purple Cow by Seth Godin
    e. Leading the revolution by Gary Hamel
    f.  Re-Imagine by Tom Peters

38. Attend at least one networking event per month. And when you attend, actually Network!

39. Stop blaming others (including GOD) for where you are today

40. Learn to mindmap

41. Start exercising and keep fit

42. Start smiling more often

43. Implement something from one of the books you read recently

44. Take at least two vacations with your family

45. Organize your work desk and ensure that it stays organized

46. Volunteer for a cause

47. Take a morning walk

48. Don’t make the same mistakes of the previous years. Of course you will make new ones!

49. Lose weight

50. Not forget to pray often

51. Stop your addiction to TV

52. Write a book

53. Eat less junk food

54. Learn to play “Go”

55. Start saving money

56. Do something out of the ordinary

57. Pleasantly surprise someone

58. Make someone’s day

59. Forgive someone that you have not forgiven

60. Solve a jigsaw puzzle

61. Speak less, listen more

62. Be debt free

63. Drink five or more glasses of water everyday

64. Get at least six hours of sleep every night

65. Stop being addicted to email

66. Take up a new hobby

67. Clean up your closet

68. Laugh often and make others laugh often

69. Get promoted to the next job

70. Stop being sarcastic

71. Start a new business

72. Help at least five people achieve their goals

73. Connect at least two people every week (52 connections in a year)

74. Learn a new language

75. Be nicer to people at work and at home

76. Stay organized but don’t let your organizer drive your life

77. Don’t skip your breakfast

78. Thank people who help you

79. Refuse to take credit when it’s not due to you

80. Pay your bills on time, especially the credit card bills

81. check your credit history and improve it

82. Sign up for a more economical broadband service

83. Spend more time with family and friends

84. Celebrate small victories

85. Drop what’s not working or don’t do the same thing and expect different results

86. Create one or more lenses on Squidoo (sample: Lens for Beyond Code)

87. Sponsor a child’s education. We need more educated people in this world!

88. Learn to meditate and practice it

89. Learn to cook

90. Ask for help. There is enough help out there but unfortunately, help does not know that you need it

91. Stop flatlining

92. Distinguish yourself. Stand out from the crowd.

93. Work hard and play hard

94. Stop being cynical

95. Recycle. Save the planet.

96. Create your own luck

97. Try to live in the PRESENT
“Past is history

 Future is mystery

 This moment is a gift.

 That’s why it’s called PRESENT”

Deepak Chopra

98. Promote peace

99. Find your purpose in life and start doing something about it!

100. Remember the serenity prayer (by Reinhold Niebuhr)

     “God grant me the serenity

     to accept the things I cannot change;

     courage to change the things I can;

     and wisdom to know the difference

101. Get a life!

     “Dance like nobody’s watching;

      love like you’ve never been hurt.

      Sing like nobody’s listening;

      live like it’s heaven on earth.”

– Mark Twain

Once again, here are some wishes to you and your families for a fantastic new year!