Quought for the Day #13 – Mike Sansone

Mike and I have never spoken to each other but have exchanged several emails in the past year. Mike’s blog is a treasure chest of wonderful information. Thanks Mike for everything you have done in 2006.

Mike Sansone is an independent business consultant specializing in business blogs and conversational copywriting.

Prior to starting his own business, Mike helped to build thriving online communities with America Online, Real Fans Sports Network, Ignite Sports Media and HeyMax. He also has coordinated the growth of offline communities as a property manager, volunteer, and minister.

My $.02: Think about Mike’s question every time you meet a new person with whom you want to build a relationship with. You will see that it is easier to get close to people when you think about what you can do for them than the other way around.

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Here’s Mike’s Quought for the Day

“How can I help others reach a level of success greater than my own?”

Mike’s note accompanying the question: The word ‘success’ probably could be replaced with many words such as achievement, connectivity, productivity, knowledge, etc.

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Quought = Question that provokes thought. Questions are important. Thinking is important. Questions that make you think are very important!

Squidoo Lens: The Power of Questions!