Eating our own dog food…

It has been one week since we rolled out iPolipo as a controlled beta. Today we reached our 95% of our beta customer goal. There are still a few more slots left to be filled. After which, we will get people to register and contact them as soon as we are ready for the next wave of beta customers while we focus on making our current beta customers successful (and ironing out any bugs.)

We had an opportunity to eat our own dog food today. This week, our marketing team was supposed to setup demos for 32 people who have signed up for beta. Without iPolipo, this would have been a great opporutnity but the worst execution nightmare as it would involve at least a hundred email exchanges. With iPolipo, the process was simple. Here were the steps our marketing person followed:

1. Marked available time slots on Outlook and assigned them to the “Prospects” group

2. Clicked on a button to publish them to the web

3. Logged in to iPolipo and sent each one of the prospects a “Restricted Invite” by simply entering their email addresses in a form and clicking the “Send” button.

That’s it. Each of the prospects then received an email with a link to the marketing person’s calendar where they could view open time slots, picked the slot that worked best for them and signed up.

Here was the bonus:

While we were setting up these meetings, we received more emails indicating interest. Without iPolipo, we had to again scramble to schedule new meetings. With iPolipo, we just had to send more “restricted invites” by entering the email addresses of new prospects and the rest the software would take care.

If you are someone who has to meet a few people outside the organization every week, you might want to look at what we have to offer. Here is the link:

If you are interested in signing up for beta, here is the link to get started: