Cody McKibben interviews me on entrepreneurship, student success and more..

I met Cody a couple of days ago and enjoyed the conversation very much. Cody was kind enough to interview me on variety of topics that include entrepreneurship in general, personal branding, student success etc. Here are some questions from the interview:

1. Are there any specific skill sets that don’t get taught in school that are invaluable in the business world? What do you recommend to get over those hurdles?

2. How do you think web 2.0 technology is changing the way we do business? Is this a positive trend?

3.What values would you say have provided you with the greatest motivation to be continually successful? What do you care about most?

4. What one life tip would you like to leave us with, Rajesh?

And, here are my responses
Cody McKibben – How To Get A Life (Beyond Code): An Interview with Rajesh Setty