Things that make me smile #19 – 14 reasons why we are all funny…

On lighter note of course…

We are all funny in one way or the other. Here are few examples

1. We want to grow up fast so that we don’t miss the fun.
     In that rush, we miss the fun and repent later.

2. We want more experience so that we don’t lose on the opportunities.
     In that quest, we run so fast and get “over qualified” and blame the system.

3. We want more innovation – leading to more disruption.
     However, we don’t like disruption and uncertainty.

4. We complain about too many choices (choice overload)
    We complain about no choices (victimization)
    We complain about too few choices (variety)
    We complain.
    You got it.

5. We don’t have the time to even read “how to save time so that we have some time to read”

6. We want others to follow the rules that we ourselves are guilty of breaking.

7. We think everybody is like us but we want everyone to think that we are unique.

8. We follow what everyone else is doing but HOPE that ONLY we will reach a special place.

9. We want our people to think.
    When they are “thinking” we complain that they are not “doing” anything

10. We want our partner to be flexible (not change)
      But we want our partner to accept us as we are.

11. When we fail in something we say we were unlucky.
      When we get something because of luck, we take the credit.
      When someone gets something because of his or her work, we attribute their achievement to luck.

12. When we want help, we won’t ask for it
       When someone offers help without asking, we feel small.
       When someone does not offer help without asking, we feel alone and ignored.

13. We can’t be alone – meaning we can’t enjoy our own company
       Of course, we think others enjoy our company.

14. We tell that our parents were old-fashioned.
      When our kids say the same about us, we think they are mis-informed.

This is all confusing? You bet!

Enjoy your weekend!