Experience matters big time. All the time!

For years, I have been frequenting a restaurant in the bay area for
many of my business meetings. Won’t name it here for obvious reasons.
The food is good but not great. Why do I continue to go there. First,
people are great. They are courtesous, responsive and they want to
ensure that I have a good time there. In summary, the overall
experience is good. Experience matters. A lot.

Last weekend, we were in Disneyland the whole of two days and in the end, it was hard to come out of that place. We had to literally pull ourselves out so that we won’t miss the flight. We have to come back to reality someday I thought 🙂 We all know what a show Disney folks can put up and what an experience they can create. Case in point – Disneyland Block Party. This is show that happens everyday at around 5pm in California Adventure Park adjacent to the original Disneyland. More than half an hour before the show people had already taken seats. Of course, they wanted to watch the show from a good place. The show lasted for about 20 minutes. Throughout the show, the audience were spellbound with fast paced dances, acrobatics and songs. The performers were all great and involved the audience wherever possible.

The focus, of course, was on the kids and once their kids were involved, the parents were VERY involved – in taking photos and recording the whole thing. What else does a parent look forward to more than an expression of sheer joy from their kids?

Now coming to my point – our businesses may not be entertainment businesses like Disneyland or Universal Studios but we still create an experience for our customers – every single day. I don’t know whether we all think about this but we are putting up a show almost everyday just like what Disneyland does. The settings are different but make no mistake – the show is ON. May be if we take some care to put on a great show consistently, we might be able to stand out from the crowd. Something to think about!

PS: This is my 600th post on my blog. Once again, time to thank all of you who have been following this blog for quite some time. And, here is another warm welcome to the new readers!