10 more things they didn't tell you about blogging

For those of you who have not read “10 things they didn’t tell you about blogging” here is the link for the first 10
Oct 6, 2006: 10 things they didn’t tell you about blogging

Now, here are 10 more things they didn’t tell you about blogging:

11. Never ask for links

The only simple way to get linked is to CONSISTENTLY write compelling content that has a high ROII. Plus, you might just annoy bloggers with such requests.

12. Who you are plays an important role in how your blog is perceived

There is a feeling with many people that since it is easy to start a blog, it should be easy to succeed in blogging. While I tend to agree that great content is one way to succeed, people also want to know who is writing the content. When I see what the new visitors click on my blog, most often, it is the “About” section. Even if they like what I write, they want to know “who the hell is the author” and “why is he or she the right person to say what he or she is saying.”

My point is while you are trying to get your blog in order, it is also important to get your life and career in order. Both of them go together.

13. Using the right tools is VERY important to get the right feedback

To track, to measure, to optimize for search engines or for whatever. These tools are not expensive and they may provide some great insights about what is working and what is not on your blog. They say that “feedback is the breakfast of champions.” I am sure you are all champions so please eat (get feedback) well.

14. Taking a STAND is necessary

What does your blog stand for? Who is the audience? Why should someone read your blog? What is in it for them? Why should they come back?

All the above questions should be answered without thinking too much. If you are having a hard time answering these questions, it is better that you go back to your drawing board and re-think your strategies. Unless you are planning to be a “news reporting” site (which is not bad) you have to have a theme for the blog. Your audience are built over a long period of time (unless you are a celebrity) and you don’t want to confuse and chase them away.

15. You can slack but remember that you are only one click away from someone unsubscribing.

Yes, it is your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. You are the king (or the queen) of your blog. Only thing to remember is that your readers have the same choice. They can do whatever they want. Most importantly they can do something – walk away from your blog forever.

16. Don’t apply the rule of reciprocation to blogs.

You can link to anyone you want but don’t link just for the sole purpose of getting a link back. There are no guarantees. You should link if the content is appropriate to your readers (it’s your call) and they will link if the content is appropriate to their readers (it’s their call)

17. Don’t impose your rules on other bloggers

Imagine this situation. There is a shop where they are giving away stuff for free. There are no queues. You just have to walk in and get whatever you want for free. Would it be reasonable to complain about what you get? For GOD’s sake, the stuff is free. If this sounds ridiculous, imagine complaining about bloggers who are giving away their stuff – most of the time their knowledge and expertise for free. There is no point in complaining. They are who they are and they write whatever they want. Like I said before, as a reader you always have a choice – to unsubscribe. Why waste your energy by complaining?

18. Don’t write if you don’t have anything to write

You know – writers block affects bloggers too. It is REALLY OK to not post anything if you don’t have anything valuable to post. Weak posts bring down the average value of your posts. Why take that risk?

The reason that you write should not be because you have a blog but because you have something valuable to contribute.

19. Don’t expect short-term benefits. There are none.

It takes a long time commitment to blogging to get ANY reasonable return from that exercise. Also, the approach has to be to “give first” rather than “get first.” What you get will be rarely more than what you give.

20. Your attitude DOES show up on your blog

You can’t hide it. Whether you want to believe it or not, long time readers of your blog can paint a picture of who you are based on what you write. Your writings WILL in one way or the other reveal your attitude. so, please don’t try to fix your writing – that is the easy part. Fix your attitude!

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