Unveiling Suggestica; Thanks to everyone who played a part!

The day has come. Finally. What started off as a simple idea took on a
“larger than life” size over the last few months. Vijay and I are
blessed to be surrounded by so many bright people that made it happen.
A project of this magnitude cannot be brought to life without the
involvement of MANY bright people.

Vijay and I want to
acknowledge the key people. With our bird brains, we are sure that we
will leave a few names out and we will kick ourselves later. If we have
left out your name, please note that it is because of our bird brains
and nothing else.

1. Compassites
– The company that took the idea and made it a reality. These people
are not vendors. They are more like partners. They can take an idea
(one liner) and convert that into a product. So many people from the
company were involved in the product at some time or the other.

to Naveen Lakkur, Ramesh Rajamani, Rajesh Kannan, Nimisha Mohandas,
Hareesh, Narayanan, Sowmya, Prashant, Nalini, Prakash, Preethi, Anand,
Sumanth, Parinitha, Naveen Kumar and Dhananjai.

2. Karthik Sundaram at Purplepatch Services – First, for the logo and then for all the support througout.

3. Advisors – Stan Leopard, Sterling Lanier, Paul D’Souza and Yakov Soloveychik.

4. iVistasolutions – Designed the look and feel for the project

5. Feedback for the pre-release version – Erik Hansen, Bren Connelly, Phil Gerbyshak, Mike Sansome, Richard Banfield, Phil Lee, Harsha Raghavan, Ramit Sethi, Bill Sherman, Dwayne Melancon, John Keegan, John Brothers, Stephen Hopson, Wayne Turmel, Alan Lattanner, Mike Beck, Ravi Char, Guru Yellapur, Peggy McColl, Hanley Brite and Avinash Vaidya

6. Jeff Barr and Rajesh Kulkarni of Amazon.com for all the support

7. Investors – There are several of them. We will be announcing them soon.

Well-wishers – Too many to list. Thanks to everyone of  you who sent us
a mail or called us to wish us good luck or just plain wanted the best
for Suggestica. Thank you.

The doors are now open. Welcome. Experience and enrich yourself through the suggestions at Suggestica!

Link: Suggestica is live!