The Paradox of Experience

Here is the paradox. We are always chasing experience and want to get it and show people that we have GOT IT. However, we are really unconfortable with the experience of experience.

Think about it. We want to try something new and gain experience. We try it. We fail – sometimes or many times. We think we are screwed up. Many of us give up. On the other hand, if it was a task that was a “no brainer” and we could get it in our first try, we are not happy either. It is VERY SIMPLE. We are better than that. We want more challenging experiences.

What if you show up everyday with an attitude to LEARN? Just learn. Whatever happens you decide to learn from it?

It’s a whole new world there and you are creating it first within yourself and then experiencing it. Of course, you can’t control everything that’s happening outside but you DO have control on what you are creating within your mind. Let us not forget that.