Who's got your remote?

Imagine this:

You wake up one day and suddenly realize that you are no longer a human being and you are now a television. Depending upon your self-esteem and attitude, you are either a simple 15-inch TV or a 42-inch big screen plasma TV. But television you are. You sit in a corner and wait for someone to “operate” you. A child walks by and switches you on and suddenly you are playing Cartoon Network. After sometime your wife walks by and asks your child to stop watching TV and asks the child to go to bed. Of course, you are really not switched off but you change your channel. For the next two hours you play drama. Next day, you have some friends at home and they are all watching world-cup football. You are going through some intense moments and there is a big relief when the game is over. After the game, though, you are switched off and they all enjoy the party.

When I get people to do this exercise and ask them how they felt, people usually respond with variety of answers. Here are some keywords in their responses:

* funny
* scary
* ridiculous
* stupid
* boring
* interesting

and many more.

Interestingly enough, people forget that sometimes they exactly behave like a television. They play different channels based on who is pressing the buttons on the remote. They feel that they don’t have control on what channels to play. They think whoever has the remote decides what the next show is.

Think about it for your life: Who’s got your remote?