Ways to distinguish yourself #150 – Drop conditions to engage in your core craft

This is typically a “last mile” problem that can easily be solved. This is also a problem mostly related to awareness and the power of beliefs.

Let me explain. Let’s say painting is your passion. You love to paint. You have done some amazing work in the past and you continue to produce great work of art even today. However, you have “discovered” that the best time for you to paint is early mornings. When the sun rises, you have to setup your stuff in the balcony and paint. Question for you: “What would be the magnitude of positive impact on your life if you dropped the condition that your best work is produced in early mornings ONLY?

I have seen many bright people practicing their craft with self-imposed rules and conditions. Here are a few:

a) an author will write only on that old computer.

b) an author will produce his best work only at his or her farmhouse.

c) a painter has to wear a particular hat to produce her best work

d) a strategist gets his best ideas during the morning jog

Sometimes I think these self-imposed conditions provide an insurance policy to us. Imagine if you didn’t have those conditions holding you back. There won’t be any more excuses left for you to NOT succeed wildly.

Think about your case for a second. What conditions have you imposed on yourself to practice your craft? Are these conditions real or did you just make them up one day? Once you start believing those rules that you made up, they start becoming “real” for you. After that they become part of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Try this for a few days. Whatever be your core craft (that you love and are passionate about) make it “condition-free” – meaning you should be able to practice that craft without any conditions, wherever you are and whenever you want. Even if you succeed partially, you would be better off than where you are now!